The wild life group was formed to improve the wild life enviroment of the millennium green. Cutting the grass on the millennium green on a regular basis is not good for the wild life. We therefore want to plant various trees, plants and flowers on some areas of the green. This is an exciting project for anyone interested in horticulture or gardening.You do not have to give a lot of time. We meet every few months for a  couple of hours.

 We are always looking for volunteers and if you wish to get involved contact Bob Marriott on 01299 832560

Please come along and enjoy the green.



A small orchard has been planted with  apple trees, one pear, a plum and a damson tree. We have also planted bulbs and wild flowers. The hedge around the orchard has been left to grow so that there are berries and nesting sites for the birds. A bug hotel has been built.

This year the orchard it is lookng good with primroses, cowslips,snowdrops,daffodills and fritillaries




 This year we are sowing a wild flower border on the left of the main drive. We have dug over a small strip and will sow the seed in April/May. If it is successful we will extend the border next year.

We have planted trees down the main drive,shrubs around the hall and a small copse of trees.