Temporary Closure of Rock Village Hall


The floor of Rock Village Hall has been settling significantly for several years after the flood event of 2007, when the hall was flooded by about 250mm (10 inches) of water pouring off the Millennium Green.  Minor repairs were made a few years ago but as the floor continued to settle, the insurance company decided to make some permanent repairs.


The hall was closed in November 2019 for stripping out of all the units, floor coverings, etc, including the wooden floor.  This was followed by work by a specialist company, Geobear, who have drilled several hundred holes through the floor and injected an expanding polyurethane foam.  This has lifted the floor slabs in a controlled manner using laser levelling.  Fortunately the main timber arch structure has separate foundations and is unaffected.


The original contractor, DeParis Restorations, returned in January 2020 to reinstate the floors and units and to undertake some additional improvements that we shall be paying for.  All the settlement works are, fortunately, being paid by the insurance company.

We have organised the closure during the winter to minimise the inconvenience to our users. All our regular users were notified about the closure and have made alternative arrangements. We hope to see them back at the hall when the repairs are complete.


If anyone has any further questions about the closure please contact Bob Marriott, Committee Chairman, on 01299 832560, or email        drbobmarriott@hotmail.com